Does Your Association Need an AMC?

What is an AMC?

Association Management Companies (AMCs) specialize in managing associations and not-for-profit organizations, providing leadership and professional management services through experienced staff, best practices and shared resources.


    Facts about the AMC Industry

    - Has grown by 150% since 1986

    - Numbers more than 670 AMCs in the U.S. and abroad

    - Manages annual budgets exceeding $3.4 billion collectively

    - Represents more than 4,600 clients/associations

    - Encompasses more then 7,600 employees

    - Manages nearly 23,000 association meetings each year

    - Books nearly $1 billion in meetings and conventions                  

      services each year



    Top 10 Reasons to Partner with an AMC

       10. AMCs serve as headquarters-staff, files and history all live in one place.

        9. Free your Board to focus on strategic direction, rather than tactical issues.

        8. Remain in the know with a strong base of institutional knowledge.

        7. Stop losing sleep over liability issues.

        6. Tap experts and skilled specialists in a variety of functional areas.

        5. Access the latest technological advances, without all the associated costs.

        4. Retain skilled staff members that align with your organization's needs.

        3. Stay on top of the latest trends in the association industry.

        2. Enjoy Enhanced leverage with outside vendors and increased buying power.

        1. Say goodbye to HR headaches for good.


    AMC Institute Accreditation

       The AMC Institute Accreditation designation is the most demanding and

       comprehensive program in the AMC industry. It is recognized and

       supported by ASAE & The Center and is based on the ANSI Standard

       of Good Practices for the AMC Industry.


       AMCs that have achieved AMC Institute Accreditation have proven

       through an independent third-party audit that they have consistently

       meet or exceed all industry standards, and provide depth and breadth

       of expertise and resources to not-for-profit leaders.
       For more information regarding AMCs or AMC Institution Accreditation